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Husband of PrincessAnime and father to Ebul Ducky And Ike. He has used several characters in the past; including Zackamabufooo, a wizard, Lord Zackama, the knight, a battle priest, and his current character: a wizard named "Lord of the Frost".

Zack is fairly not well-known as a mass-poster on the EuphRO Forums, and is the original creator of a few long-running threads.

Zack's original wizard was perma-banned for abusing a bug that allowed him to kill many low-level players in Prontera using the Storm Gust skill. His knight, raised from a novice in the Guilty Gears guild, eventually left the guild to try membership in several other guilds. After building an extensive guild history, and a bit of a negative reputation, as a knight, he "quit" RO for a while, only to return after a month or so as the wizard, Lord of the Frost. He is currently a proud member of the sek-C guild.

Guild History

Guilty Gears
Block Squad
Black Rose Order

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