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The Xenocide logo, created by Pia Carrot


Xenocide is one of the guilds founded in EuphRO. The guild was founded by Pia Carrot, in Octobre 19th 2005, with the aim of creating a guild full of friendly and active people to help those that are in need. Today, Xenocide still recruits new members, who want to join a guild so those can be part of making this guild one of the friendliest of all.

Guild Status

Xenocide is a non-WoE guild, currently consisting of 37 members, with a capacity of 52 guild members. The guild is still growing, due to the members with invite/expell rights, who occasionally bring in new members to join the guild. The level of Xenocide is currently 8, with at least 27 million experience points at the moment. Average level of guildsmen in the guild is currently 77, but of course, it's fluctuating due to people being close to transcendence and other reasons.

Our Policy

Our guild wants the best for all members and those who aren't even in the guild. We have set up rules that all members should abide to.

  • Members must abide to the rules (read them here) Euphorian has given, to which any member should abide anyways.
  • Members shall not cuss or use any offensive language within guild chat or anywhere else.
  • Members shall not spam or harras in any way within guild chat or anywhere else.
  • Members must use decent or at least understandable english, so communication is possible.
  • Typing "<3" is not a harrasment (stated by Arxenas on July 31th 2006)
  • We play the game only to have fun and to make friends, not to offend/harras others.



Guild Members

The names in bold have invitation rights, for any players who want to join the guild, they may PM those members in game.


Go to this page to post your Xenocide-related screen shots : Xenocide-Screenies
We love all our members for sharing their pictures with us! <3


Various useful links submitted by our members

  1. Xenocide Forum : The official Xenocide Forum!!!
  2. Ragnarok Online Database : Up-to-date eAthena info... provided by xen0
  3. RO Empire Database : Not quite as accurate, but much prettier!
  4. RO Cards : Another database, pretty acurate.
  5. RO DataZone : Has many good tables and mathematical explanations
  6. iROcalc : Stat calculator for iRO... anyone know a better one?
  7. Skill Simulator : Skill simulator for all classes.
  8. Forge Calculator : Blacksmith forging calculator, works best with IE.
  9. Character Simulator : It's a simulator how your character will look like.
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