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Founded by an ex-Lose guild member, Normlu. Unlimited grew with a staggered start but became a strong and well-reckoned guild. The guild has had many of its members come and go; even its leader Normlu no longer leads the guild or even plays on the server anymore. A guild that is no longer in its prime but has lived on regardless through its loyal members. The guild is now being run by, Sir Christopher.
Involved in an alliance between ViewSonic, Unlimited, LoveBeat, Cavae Ira.

Members - (Past and Present)
normlu, Father Giles, n a m i k a, LaserFire 63, Astral, Kriste, Nuriko, Felix, Yusuki, antho, Talik Starr, Jerom, i s e i, Niria, bLuE MaRsHmElLoW, Han-Ji Eun, Assassin Oblivion, Cunning, Kaowen, Winky, ugabooga, Kafra-chan, Kazeko, meirin, Thorn, Sir Christopher, lambadi~, evolb

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