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Many of those who've played iRO sakray will most likely know Travis for a variety of reasons (botting the hell out of LoD, being the Devotion of sakray, etc.)

Travis soon became bored of his several billions of zeny and ghostrings and +10 gears and GTB cards so he came to EuphRO with a few friends to start fresh and an old friend of his [emo] Rai was already playing EuphRO. Travis was discovered by sek-C by wayZ former wife. Travis was playing a hybrid knight at the time named TrGun3. However, one day he left his password on the table and his "friend" came over one day and decided to log on and steal everything so Travis started over on a wizard. Travis leveled his wizard with sek-C for awhile before taking a few members to Cavae Ira to WoE and he knew some people from iRO in Cavae. While at Cavae Ira he taught the guild valuable lessons about WoE because Travis had immense knowledge of WoE from sakray. Travis soon became tired of the leadership of Cavae Ira and left to form his own guild. wayZ and Lord Vivi suggested to him to rebuild sek-C instead of starting from scratch. And now, Travis is the proud leader of the sek-C Guild and has lead them to many a victories.

Guild History

Cavae Ira

Random facts

  • Travis enjoys drinking.
  • Travis is a womanizer.
  • Travis is an Ire-rican (half Irish, half Puerto Rican).
  • Travis' most used phrase on TS, "Hold on, I might have to shoot someone"
    The above phrase wasn't meant to be taken figuratively but literally because Travis is crazy and has actually killed a man.
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