The Smoke Shack

From Euphro

A guild started by a simple knight, Toker, back in December of 2005. Brought together with the help of Hoodlum (who is now the HP Lummie) and a few close friends. Shadow Fury, Ecke, also being two most notable people who started it. Though Toker soon continued to fall out with RO, being IRL stuff. Mhmm. Lummie giving up on her knight, and soon leaving the guild in the hands of Shadow Fury, Ecke, and a new and cranky member Silver Frost.

Though the guild may be small, and not as known as most, it holds together some good people. :p Who have made their way into transcendance as well as the community. Other notable members.. (I can't think of right now) though Chu is one. ;D!

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