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As a player on EuphRO, I play a VIT 2HS Knight named T-Shaped Tetris Block, which usually shortens to T-Shaped in chats. I made it as a "classic" build character, before spears had come out, so I just chose 2HS. The only reason I come on EuphRO anymore is to visit people that still play, and to generally harass those that still come to @main. I have numerous alts, but none that never reached the height of T-Shaped Tetris Block. The name stuck and was instantly recognizable. It worked, and I'm sticking with it as my nick from now on. Most know me as a person that takes almost nothing seriously, and if I could would have the Benny Hill theme applied to every short clip ever. Needless to say, it's made me enemies and friends, so it all works out.

The Wiki

I came up with the Wiki on a random idea. I don't do any major contributions to it anymore, allowing Kojirodensetsu and Lobsterninja to take the helm. I'll come through and do general clean-up work though.

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