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Soralos is a pink High Wizard and is currently a resident of the guild Aeterna, which is possibly the most perverted guild in existance.

He is married to Schmoo regardless of his flambouyant homosexuality and flirts with anything that has a hole.

Sora loves his dex and accepts donations of Nimble Gloves.

Sora hates any form of elitism in any way and plans to single handedly attempting to abolish elitism via donations to newcomers, thus eliminating the need for newcomers to beg.

This plan starts in December 2100.

Sora also hates RO wives.

Sora DID NOT get his name from Kingdom Hearts. The name origionated from an aeromancer on Guild Wars called Soralos Sparkscar, and he decided to continue the legacy.

Sora can frequently be seen on @main and seems to have the ability to turn nearly any chat homosexual.

Another notable thing is that Soralos is possibly the ONLY high wizard on the entire server who has style and fashion sense. Fear the Magician Hat, Elvens, and Grampa Beard.

(Give me anal Sora. <3333 - Toasteh)

"Soralos sounds like an icecream" - Yukinari-Kun

The person behind the faggot

16 Year old who enjoys acting like a 2 year old. Enjoys: Men (yes plz) Shooting (you die) Guitar Playing and shit. Yeah.

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