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A resident of Ontario, Canada and long-time player of euphRO. A veteran RO player, he came to euphRO long after quitting iRO Sakray in 2002/2003 where he had a level 8x agi combo monk main, finding that other private servers lacked euphRO's community. "Socks" was originally the creative IGN of his first RO character, a poorly-built and geared falcon hunter, and would come to be the online alias used by the person behind the computer for years. Socks started out on euphRO as the pure 2h agi pvm knight Muffins who he brought to level 95 before giving away to an internet acquaintance when he took a break from RO several months long. Socks also took up the hunter Recca after joining Insurrection, finding his dancer somewhat ineffective in woe, and became interested in the woe and pvp aspects of the game thanks to Lucre. Typically plays RO solo, opting out of timidity to avoid parties, but frequently plays with real-life friend Tala'Jond as well as Insu guildies. Socks ceased to be a mere forum alias when it became the adapted IGN of woe/pvm hybrid built dancer-class character Windsocks who will hopefully, with patience and devotion, become Socks' first transcendant.

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