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In EuphRO, there was this guy named SimplyOwned. His last guild was Sek-C. Before he was banned for the first time, he was last in Cavae Ira, and before that, Demons. When he played, you'd usually find him with his girlfriend who went by the name SimplyBlessed. He gained a great respect, made friends, enemies (specifically Devotion), and loved participating in WoE and PVP. Simply was also known to have made a ruckus on the Euphoric Ragnarok Online forums and received multiple bannings for his misdemeanors.

SimplyOwned even created a WoE castle page for the server which he personally created, coded, and updated.

At the time, SimplyOwned was the highest-leveled Champion on the server which he achieved through MVPing and long hours of leveling with Occult Impact at Turtles, before eAthena, with SimplyBlessed.

His MVPing helped him get himself financially independent, allowing him to buy cards as rare as Succubus and Incubus. SimplyOwned's favorite weapon was his Triple Abyss Chain. One of his favorite MVPs to kill was Stormy Knight. He would mention Stormy's drops together had a value of 20 million zeny. MVPing wasn't just his idea though. His competition included Bama, another well-known Champion and Ping Pong, a Whitesmith able to handle MVPs. One day (after legitimately getting to base 96) he decided to try out a botting program and was caught.

Then he got kicked out by our lovely GM team and due to the uninformed community, was brandished as a person who botted his way to 96 Champion within a month which is impossible as there is no bot program smart enough to keep a Champion alive to kill the kinds of monsters that would get a character to base 96 in a month. Infact, there are no monsters that you could gain experience from by botting to reach base 96 as a Champion in a month. You would have to MVP to achieve that high of level in such a short amount of time.

SimplyOwned returned under a new name but same job. However, due to the angry community's feeling of his reappearance as injustice of allowing a "botter" to return, he was once again banished.

As of then, SimplyOwned would have nothing more to due with the Euphoric Ragnarok Online server.

He was also known as Harry and/or CaptainPlanet.

Ever since SimplyOwned's departure, there has been no WoE castle status page like his for the server.

Many people like to remember Harry as the player that was ... "SimplyOwned" at getting caught. However other notorious botters are still at large at EuphRO as Trans classes.

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