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sek-C is a guild that was first created by wayZ, back in Sept. of 2005. The small group of players within the guild liked to gather outside of Orc Dungeon and MVP. It was indeed fun times for the small group, core members at the time being Lord Vivi, angelstar, - rambO ~, & Sansuke.

Though after sometime WayZ seemed fed up with holding leadership of his guild and disbanded in Dec. of 2005, where weeks after he felt that it was a "bad idea" so he regathered, and remade. Along with this reunion came Travis, a knight named TrGun3 at the time of his invitation to sek-C, he was well liked and "loved" by the members. Travis was hacked on TrGun so he made a wizard. When Travis was 9x, he wanted WoE and took a few members from sek-C to join Cavae Ira for a period of time.

sek-C died while many of it's core members were in Cavae Ira. With the desire of creating his own guild, many of the sek-C members suggested to resurrect the guild. So guild leader was changed out after wayZ had taken "vacations" from EuphRO, leaving Travis in the reigns of the renewed guild.

Since this change, wayZ has changed characters like.. a million times, and is currently residing in sek-C as co-leader (a sek-C HW) along side Lord Vivi (the sek-C Blue HW). As for other current news, and events for sek-C they still strive for a strong balance for economy on EuphRO, and hold a rather infamous reputation throughout the EuphRO community.

sek-C Guild Website: sek-C

Notable Members

Travis - Current Leader of sek-C
wayZ - Founder of sek-C and co-leader
Lord Vivi - Co-leader of sek-C

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