Saint Xlcus

From Euphro

The character

Possibly the least well known Guild Master on the server.

Called Sainty by those who know him.

was priest for 8 months before finally getting ass into gear and turning into a cute pink HP.

Currently a FS High Priest.

Founded Aeterna on 10th June 05. Still proudly being led.. er.. leading his adoring guildmates.

Often found in South Pront and Geffen, usually wearing sexy, cute, dashing pink attire, frequently with a chatroom open, titled 'Waiting for the Worms'

Married to Trinity, his favourite, most bewuvved Gypsy in RO. 1 year anniversary coming up soon ;o;

The person behind Sainty Sainty is played by a 27 year old Brit, whos ancestors include the Borgias, the Grimaldis, various European Royalty, other popes, various nobility, and the blood of Maori chieftains. Sadly, they failed to pass on the dignity, the wealth, the jewels and social adeptness.

He is currently making viagra (sorry folks, Sirius has first claim on all supplies), and enjoys reading, gaming, travelling, women(pwease), Tennis, some other sports, and is an ardent supporter of Rowing.

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