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A lesser known euphRO player whom's main character is a Spear Knight. He loves the Tales, Fire Emblem, and Phoenix Wright video game series (before they were all insanely popular), and has Ragnarok Online characters based on the characters from them. The characters are as follows: Farina, Clarine, Yanni Yogi, Phoenix Wright, Redd White, Maya Fey, Ema and Lana Skye. He also has a bard, Sonata, that doesn't Double Strafe everything he sees, and a to-be Star Gladiator named Keevsa, that will not use roundhouse kick for its "lol chuck norris" feeling.


He is "known" for despising internet memes and slang, such as "o rly", "nub", and the sort. He ab-so-posi-lutely hates it when people shout "OBJECTION" or other law terms they say to be funny or smarty farty.

Likes to make references to things he like, which are usually obscure references that wasn't posted on 4chan/other meme site a dozen times, on @main or all chat. He sighs in disgust when the best reply he gets is "wth". This same reply also appears when he is discussing a certain game with Salad.

He likes to write (quite obviously!) and draw and in general create new ideas for stuff, or new ideas to improve an already established thing.

Many people call him "Sai", but he prefers Ryo. It annoys him a little, but he's usually passive about it.

Has a hard time befriending people due to his lack of social skills, or maybe it's because he hates everything they like.

He's annoyed by so many things, it's better to list the things that he doesn't hate.

Cutesy Fartsy

The List of "Cutesy fartsy" phrases, words, and the like, is the beginning and end, the alpha and the omega, and the ultimate in the things he completely hates. It usually includes foodstuffs used in character names in order to be cute or funny. That, in fact, is usually what gets him in an angst frenzy, esecially if said person is insanely popular. However, if these words are used in the sake of actually starting up conversation, rather than blurting out randomly, he won't mind. In fact, he supports this. Example of proper use: "Hey, I went to the store today, and tried out a free sample of cheese. It was delicious." The list may also contain certain ASCII faces.

Current list:

Ecks Dee
[past tense verb]ed, ie Quiteded
EL OH EL, or any other "spelling" of an acronym like that
[word, made up or otherwise]eh

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