Revenge of the Novies

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Revenge of the Novies was created in August 2005 as a guild exculsively for Super Novices. Once WoE active, the guild has withdrawn from WoE in the wake of growing transcendant classes. Because Super Novices are seldom main characters, they eventually opened guild invitations to non-novices to keep the guild active.

On October 15, 2005 they captured and kept a castle in Al de Baran although this victory is doubted by some who believe that stronger guilds were cleared out of the castle by other guilds. However, on December 10th, they unquestionably broke through the Hijos pre-cast.

Notable Members

Insane Shovel - guild leader
Jamez - first invited member
Lil Novice
Melancholy - first level 99 SN

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