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Joined on July 21st. He's currently a Caster Sage [Who is, indeed, totally against Battle Sages], and chooses them for their overall defense. However, it is not his first character, but is always first in commitment and levelling.

An interview by Kyubbi with Reality, the hybrid PvP Sage.

Kyubbi : Hello Reality, how are you today?

Reality : Super, duper, terrifically fantabulous. :(

Kyubbi : Can you give us a brief summary?

Kyubbi : of your life here on euphro

Reality : Not that brief :(

Reality : Too much to talk about. After all, I joined on July 21st. =/

Kyubbi : i see

Kyubbi : Why did you choose

Kyubbi : to become a sage?

Reality : And uh... Because Sages require technique and are diverse. :o

Kyubbi : Ah,

Kyubbi : Is Reality

Kyubbi : you first character?

Reality : Nope.

Reality : Third. Well, in creation. First in commitment and leveling.

Kyubbi : can you list your characters?

Reality : Er. Wait awhile.

Reality : I'll just tell you them. I'll add information later.

Reality : And I will not list two sekrit character. :3

Kyubbi : I see

Reality : Reality [Sage], Reality* [Wizard], Reality! [VIT Perma-Novice],

Reality : Reality Casts Stuff [Perma-Magician], Reality- [Archer],

Kyubbi : mhmm

Reality : Reality Kicks Stuff [TaeKwon Ranker], Reality!! [AGI Perma-Novice],

Reality : Reality Sings Songs [Bard], Reality Heals Stuff [Priest],

Reality : Reality. [Spear Swordsman], Reality+ [Caster Supernovice],

Reality : Reality Jr. [AGI Supernovice],

Reality : Reality is a Midget [Baby Knife Swordsman]

Reality : I'll update it later when the other accounts are unbanned

Reality : Splee :D!

Kyubbi : When did you start the

Kyubbi : "Reality"series

Reality : >_>;

Reality : Well, at first, all my characters had different names.

Reality : That got annoying, so I picked my main and favorite name.

Reality : Thus my Magician Reality was picked.

Kyubbi : ah, may we ask

Kyubbi : what other names

Kyubbi : you used?

Reality : So, now, when namechanges were free, I changed them all :D

Reality : Erm..

Reality : Vocal [Archer], Difference [VIT Perma-Novice],

Kyubbi : ah, names on wierd adjectives

Reality : Restoration [Acolyte], and Advertise [Merchant].

Reality : :(

Kyubbi : You were affiliated with Imperial, right?

Reality : Imperials.. Uh, yes.

Kyubbi : Would you care to give us a list on your guild affiliatons?

Reality : Uhm.

Reality : From what I remember...

Reality : In the following order..

Reality : Sheleska, Insurrection, New Age Retro, Imperials, Power, then..

Reality : FROST JOKE! *tacky fanfare*

Kyubbi : so your opinion of WoE and Abel is quite low?

Reality : Er... Abel.. Varies.

Reality : But WoE? I shun it! SHUN IT. :D

Kyubbi : When did you start to dislike woe?

Kyubbi : And Why?

Reality : After a month of Imperials.

Kyubbi : o_O

Reality : And because of disorganization and lack of cooperation.

Kyubbi : You no longer train?

Reality : Not excessively no.

Kyubbi : Ah, when and how and why do you rarely train?

Reality : When? When I'm hunting.

Reality : How? Thara Frogs and Phens.

Reality : Yes, I went from 86 to 87 from Thara Frogs. And I'm 6% away from 88.

Reality : :(

Reality : Why? Because I can never get a friendly party going.

Kyubbi : I heard a rumour you wouldnt trans

Kyubbi : at 99?

Reality : No o.o;

Kyubbi : You hang around PvP alot don't you?

Reality : Yeah.

Kyubbi : You must meet alot of friends there, as well as enemies.

Reality : I'm always on. I've usually got nothing better to do.

Kyubbi : You must meet alot of friends there, as well as enemies.

Reality : Er.. Well not as much friends as enemies...

Kyubbi : Could you list a few enemies?

Reality : Er.

Reality : Well..

Reality : *TaTsU*, eddiesamonster, P$ycho [or something], and k i w i.

Reality : That's all I'll list.

Kyubbi : ok

Reality : I'm not sure about eddie though.

Reality : He stopped randoming me when I 2 vs. 7'd him [or something like that].

Kyubbi : Were u in any previous

Reality : servers before euphRO?

Kyubbi : servers before?

Reality : Oh.

Reality : Yeah.

Reality : Sigh.

Reality : I'll give my server history.

Kyubbi : okays

Reality : I played Gunbound for awhile because of real-life friends.

Reality : Met online friends there. One refered me to Ragnarok Online.

Reality : Said it was a damned good game. Turns out he was correct.

Reality : I then joined iRO. I played. I leveled. I did stuff.

Reality : I then met my first girlfriend there. I got grounded from Ragnarok

Reality : Online. I moved to a Private Server [Secretly].

Kyubbi : ((thats kinda sad))

Reality : That first Private Server was AvalonRO.

Reality : I didn't want to break bonds from my girlfriend.

Reality : So I had her join AvRO also.

Reality : I joined AvRO because of my real-life friends.

Reality : Anyways, I then got bored of AvRO as the population observed an

Reality : epidemic. Stupidity. I then joined LegacyRO because of a real-life

Reality : friend. I then became that real-life friend's enemy.

Kyubbi : :O...

Reality : That was because he found out I cut. He tried destroying my repu-

Reality : tation, but failed miserably as I served him every time he entred PvP.

Reality : That's when I became a PvP-addict.

Reality : LegacyRO then shut down from insufficient funding.

Reality : I then refered to the top 200.

Reality : EuphRO was second place. 2's my lucky number.

Reality : So I joined EuphRO. And I ended up here.

Reality : Currently I play AvRO, EuphRO, and DarkRO when I'm opressed by

Reality : leveling. :3

Kyubbi : Any last words

Kyubbi : to the players

Kyubbi : of euphRO?

Reality : Give Reality cake... EVERYDAY. Image:ScreenAlpha020.jpg

Currently plays on AquaticRO.

Guild History

New Age Retro
Awesome Police
Frost Joke

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