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Level 99 High Priestess. Very knowledagble on the use of ME and specialized Priest builds. She is the first ME High Priestess on EuphRO.

Paraclete is the dread of all wizards, But not only wizards run as soon as they see her gracefully arrive in pvp. She pwnz everyone that lacks an AngelRing card with the most powerful Holy Lights ever seen at PvP (Even without Priest Link) with her INSANE dex. She brings pink justice to pvp and just her mere presences makes most people bust out there hiding clips! Even after all the times she has raped my poor wizard I finally took the time to really get to know her, and found that she was a very considerate and caring person. Because of all her wonderful qualities, that would take ages to list, she is FORCED to have to beat the men off with a very lage stick just to get some peace in her hectic life! If all of that wasn't enough, she is also the proud mistress of Maju The Great Green JuJu.

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