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EuphRO Team PVP League tournament was an event started and organized by ZellKFF. So far, there has been only one tournament and hopefully more will follow in the future.

The Team PVP League was a series of team fights in which each team battles every other team, one team at a time. Each team was composed of 6 players but only 4 of them participate in each fight. Each team was restricted to no more than one of each second class and its corresponding transcendant class (i.e. a team cannot have a Knight and a Lord Knight). The scoring system was based on the number of surviving members after 3 minutes and both teams had the opportunity to earn points.

To make things more interesting, teams were given the option to use a Bonus which was to be decided before the round started:

Bonus 1 - omg buffz plox
The team is permitted to use skill buffs before the round starts.
Bonus 2 - aggro frenzy
Random agressive monsters are spawned all over the battle arena as soon as the round starts.
Bonus 3 - fab five
The participating members list is expanded to 5 players (instead of the normal 4).
Bonus 4 - double decker
The score at the end of the round is doubled.

Season 1

Date: December 2005 - April 2006
First Place: Palm (and the 5 fingers) - Palm, Akio Sayuka, 0rcher0, Ah-BarD, Tissue, m0ja
Second Place: RAWR IS TOAST - Meliavor, MMXoaq, Mistic, Toad, Tycool, Allucinari
Third Place: RAWR IS PVP - Rinny, 0mni, FastMatt, Vasi, ViviKFF, Major Tom

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