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Well-known AGI hybrid creator who is responsible for much of the networking between fellow members of the alchemist class. Partially because of Nuriko's efforts, the alchemist players who are dedicated to their chemist characters have become a close-knit community on EuphRO.

After attaining a fairly high level as a Creator, Nuriko decided to help alchemists who needed help reaching 99 do so quickly. Nuri first took in ~Alchie Emy~, who soon reached 9x, and more recently began helping Iretha. It is said that Nuriko's PvM build works wonders for struggling alchemists.

Nuriko is also the Student of the well known Tootsie Pop Stealing Creator called Olvan.

The Player

Nuriko's Player is a 27 year old, Retail based employer who hails from the Uk; his [Nuriko is MALE!] hobbies include reading, sports and sometimes calmly Drinking brands of Tea, while using Acid Bomb on various MvP's,

The Name Nuriko is a tribute to a fictional characther that they admire.

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