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The Novice

The Novonculus, a semi-well-known EuphRO character and the hero of Iretha's sprite comic series Alchemically Yours, is a dysfunctional humanoid chatspeaking homunculus created by the battle alchemist Iretha. At the present, no one knows why exactly Iretha's homunculus happened to turn out to be human-shaped, or what good he can do. At the moment, most of the charm of the little novice is that he is, in fact, completely and utterly useless.

With the appearance of a 'default' redhead male novice (albeit with a trademark jack be dandy headgear) and perhaps some of the worst spelling in current use (and a complete lack of capitalization!), Novonculus is certainly not the impressive creature that his creator hoped for him to be.

Background info

"Born" in the basement of the alchemist's union, Novonculus has become very attached to his alchemist, Iretha. For the most part, he simply tags along with her on her adventures, riding in her pushcart when he tires of walking. He acts much like a human child, and can get obnoxious and demanding if he so chooses.

Speech Examples

"lozl i casulti"
"wow irthe u no lotz ppl"
"srsly... hu dey r?/"

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