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Nils is short for Nils Dragonkin, a Bard created by a player who has been living on EuphRO for roughly 7 months as of June. Nils is rather notorious for creating new characters, getting them to the average of 60, then making another one. Regardless of how many characters he makes, he usually goes by Nils, and will always be found in the guild that he got his start in, Guilty Gears.

He has aspirations to become a Public Relations GM, and one of the more popular players on the server. There's no word, however, on whether or not he'll ever get a Transcedent character.

The Bard, Nils, was originally taken to level 74 then retired because of poor skill distribution. However, the GMs initiated a one-week skill reset event, and thusly Nils was resurrected as a back-up support Bard, better known for having maxed out his Magic Strings and Impressive Riff skills, making him partybait for Sniperbeans/Hunters and Wizards.

He has another Bard, Totnattu, that was created for the explicit use of the Mental Sensing Duet, a song which increases the amount of Exp gained.

Behind the Bard

Nils is really Erik, an 18 year old male living in Central Florida. Despite being an extreme slacker, he will always be willing to hold an extended discussion on practically any subject, and can always take a joke - especially if he's the butt of it. Erik is planning on joining the United States Coast Guard in the near future, wherein he'll probably spend several decades toiling away, saving the world one sinking vessel at a time.

Current Active Characters

and oh-so-sparingly, Dodecius.

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