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Nihil was a WoE guild founded by Hagen and some of his friends. Although short-lived, its invitation policies separated it from other WoE guilds in that it was willing to accept first-class characters and helped them level.

Nihil proved to be successful in WoE and took its first castle in Al De Baran. It even made alliances with Black Rose Order at one point and reached guild level 6.

It was created in early December 2005 and broke up in late January 2006. Although he enjoyed the guild, the responsibilities of being a guildmaster weighed heavily on Hagen. It also disappointed him that some of the friends who founded Nihil with him lost interest in the guild.

A Note About Nihil by Hagen

Nihil is growing good, and that's great that some forum people PM me on a regular basis about joining, specially because of our policy about first classes with potential. But then, being around the game for quite a while (me and some other members), some Hi-Lvls eventually get interested also - and some (thankfully not ALL) kinda mistake our guild objectives.

Nihil is all about challenge, and to beat a challenge, you gotta work hard. Yes it would be much better for WoE if we just invited lvl 80+ (since we have quite an ammount of Trans and 80+). But nobody out there started as a lvl 80. And some hi lvls have quite a deal of debt with their guilds (castle drops, guild dungeons, internal FS and the guild chat to make your leveling less complicated/boring DO help).

It's maybe a matter of opinion, or taste. Some people just would like to gather Trans classes / hi-chars in a guild so they could kill most oponents in WoE or PvP, despite who these people are or if they are friendly or talkative or whatever - to be powerful is funny, I admit. Some other find some satisfaction in seeing a small group going stronger with cooperation and hard work (the same way a starting thief can someday be a Sin Cross) - even though it takes time. Both are ways to experience and have fun on this great server. For the second group, Nihil is most pleased to welcome them into its ranks.

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