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07/18/06 - Do NOT add something to the Current_events index if it is not defined (red). If you're going to add something to here, make sure it's defined. Probations will be issued to repeat offenders.

News is now archived to help clean up the main page.

07/02/06 - Kojirodensetsu and Lobsterninja are your new Wiki OPs, since I'm a lazy bum and barely pay attention to this.

06/22/06 - Anything involving SQL errors are beyond my control, those are problems with the site hosting this. Sorry guys.

A mod squad will be created within the next week, stay tuned.

06/21/06 - A grouping/list of current entries will be created by the end of the day. I haven't seen any major problems so far, keep it up and keep writing.

Rule #7 has been added.

The Current_events page will act as a dictionary for the Wiki now. When you make a new article, go there and place it into the right section. Do NOT make a new section. If you people cannot handle this, I will lock the page and do it myself, and you will be sad.

Rule #8 has been added.

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