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Maju the No.2 Wizard

Owner of a Lord Knight and a lv. 99 Wizard High (that were made on the same account and denied by GMs of a request to separate his two transcendant characters into separate accounts). Also got a lv. 99 Hunter, but sold it. Also owns an Asura Strike Champion know well as asura and log off. Also Reality's manwhore. :D

He got a rival named as Magix,he got tittled as [No.2 Wizard] Maju has beaten Magix in duels many times, but both of them have come to accept they are on equal levels.Still litle secert we know about Maju as he's the second high wizard who carried mail breaker (First one is FenroKaiderX AKA Serge in forums).If he casts Stave Crasher on you beware of this trickery. Maju was the 4th 99 high wizard on the server, but the second 99 high wizard to reach job 70! Please do not calling him as No.2 Wizard,it will make him crazy and went berserk on anyone who said the magic word.

Somehow Maju is really kind person.You will like him alot if you talked to him. ^_^
Currently he's in Hyvent guild.

Some parts of his quote that he said in game.

"I have a lame wiki link"
"I was looking at all the other wiz's ;_;"
"there are all well typed and cool!"
"mine is LAME D:!"

Guild History

Cavae Ira
Black Rose Order

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