Major Tom

From Euphro

The Beginning:

Major Tom came to this server initially as a bard named Ziggy Stardust. After witnessing a crusader doing Grand Cross, he decided he had to make one. And so he did. And it was called Major Tom. Early as a swordsman, grinded his way to crusader in 3 days or so, went job 40. It was back in July, when 2-2 job quests weren't implemented, so the change to Crusader was rather instant.

As a crusader, Tom went to Orc Dungeon, the easy place for levelling at low levels. There he met another crusader, a shield one, called Crenshaw, who invited Tom for his guild, Void Devastation. Little after it, during his late 60 level, Tom met a priest named Downchild. The two became good friends. And started levelling together.

But his history with the guild met an end by level 85. The guildmates were very inactive, and Tom opted to leave. And he got invited to Downchild's guild, called LoveBeat. He made very good friends in there, among them are Mesmerize (Tom's daughter), Nightfox, Byuu.

Tom was rapidly climbing up the crusader ladder, and this fast climbing made him level harder. Soon he was in the top three crusaders, the only ones above base 90. Aries and Astorath, both always tied or very close, were at the top, and Major Tom was the third. Noone was near them. Until he hit at stop. Tom was at 96, Aries and Astorath were tied at 97. And then, his fellow leveller Downchild quit the game, making Tom levelling really slow, or not levelling at all. By that time, Tom was married to a hunter named Pamy^^. And then, he went inactive.

Returned a few weeks later, to find out he had been kicked out of LoveBeat because of inactivity. Sort of angry at this, he made a return. Not to LoveBeat, his pride wouldn't let him return. He got offers from ZellKFF to join RAWR and from uberbacon to join Hijos. And he decided for the RAWR.

By then, Aries and Astorath were at base 98, and had slowed down a bit. That was when Tom met Jago. An agi shield sader, that would spend hours soloing geffen dungeon 3. Was later found out to be Tom's long lost twin brother. Often the gang (Jago, Tom, uberbacon and Godaime) would gather up at geffen 3, and go down to geffen 4 to poke some mvps. Fun times, fun times. All of a sudden, Jago goes missing. And Tom goes inactive again.

Only to return a week or two later, to get divorced. His wife wanted a divorce on grounds of not levelling together. That agains makes Tom get back to levelling, now a 97 crusader, and his luck provides him with a Raydric Card. He then gets married to a sexy green sage called Allucinari. Oh it was joyful, all those endless sp.

Aries and Astorath were long time paladins (If I remember well, Aries was the first 99 crusader, with Astorath being the first paladin. Aries was Grand Cross I believe, and Astorath was shield crusader.)when Tom was 98 with 50% to go. He then grabbed the high priest MMXoaq, grabbed his wife Allu, and the trio went down to geffen guild dungeon. Later with the help of his daughter Mesmerize, and her husband ViviKFF, Tom got the remaining 50% in two days.

The Paladin Years:

From high novice to high swordie job 40 in two days, Tom had the most odd build, which shall remain a secret. Battled his way to 85. Then had a reset. Went job 42 in two days. Reached 84 not long after that. Survived the first few fixes of shield chain. The freya one didn't had much of an impact. Neither did it have when the eathena switch happened. Until they "fixed" it again. Made shield chain, for Tom, a worthless skill. Bash would do a better job with less sp. That was the end of Major Tom. The Hawtest Fatteh was now retired.

During his Paladin journey, Tom met many people. Among them there's fellow Paladins Lord Doy and Lord Damyan. Both slowpokes at levelling ;P. Many mvps, many rares. Many woes, many kills (Tom's favourite as a crusader was sinx. Back when angeling wasn't common, sinx such as Beaneh, Devildriver and Syphon are among the killed list ;).

And, before Tom reached 85 the first time, he was divorced from Allucinari by ZellKFF, just to get married to Allucinari again not long after, and get divorced again from Allucinari.

Upon reaching Paladin for the second time, he married a hunter called Mint Starlight.

The Rise And Fall Of Major Tom And The Spiders From Mars:

Two words. Mint Starlight. She meant everything for Tom during his second journey as a Paladin. She made him very happy, she gave him will to keep levelling. Until the first time she went missing. For a week she didn't speak to Tom, leaving the poor feller devastated. Lack of will to levelling, to do anything. Until she finally gave in, and they got back together. Tom was happy again, rising to the top of the world. Until she went cold. Bitter. Started to treat Tom, the guy who only gave her love, coldly. He lost his hopes when Mint divorced him, making Tom go on retirement. Quitted RAWR, and euphro altogether. Freedom at last. Or so he thought. He and Mint got back together very soon after that outburst. But it was too late for Major Tom, The Hawtest Fatteh.

Tom, Where Is He Now? After losing his hopes with his nerfed Paladin, Tom decided to go for the Alchemist path. Sold every unusable Paladin equips he had, fetched his merchant, and started a powerlevelling spree. Going from 20 to 91 in less than 2 weeks. Mammoing everything far and wide. Tom now goes by the name of Powerslave. Can be found mammoing Minorous, Pasanas and Marduks in Morroc. Major Tom, the man, the fatteh, the paladin, is now Retired. Enter Powerslave.

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