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Lose was a powerful WoE guild but has disappeared from EuphRO. The guild made appearances on many Ragnarok Online servers such as iRO, UltimaRO, ProjectRO, RinceRO, MobRO v1, and EtherealRO.

Guildmembers had the word "lose" as a prefix in their name. This practice was started by a Starcraft player (an original guild member) by name of Lose who was later renamed LoseKing.

Remember that Lose was the strongest guild on the server when they quit because of some issues with EuphRO owner.

History: EuphRO Forums Version posted by LoseSoul

Well, I'll start with the history of Lose first =)

Back in the day, like 5 years ago, one of our members (Lose by name) played Starcraft. One day he decided to make a Losing record (If you played Starcraft you have probably seen such records). Anywho, he wanted a name that suited his record, thus the name LoseKing was born. Later we moved on to iRO during the beta periods (That was a long time ago) and the Lose part was added to the front of our names.. LoseThief, LoseKnight etc. We have passed through many servers; UltimaRO, ProjectRO, RinceRO, MobRO and others and the guild Lose has been on each and every server (Even some people on iRO still have Lose in front of their names)

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