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Lord Vivi started playing RO in July 2005. However he started out as a nub mage, who was later deleted because it was too nub, and then he started playing a priest. The priest was ok, he was in a couple guilds, but started having trouble leveling by the time he was 8x. So Lord Vivi was born. Lord Vivi was a secondary char for awhile until he realized leeching the priest was pointless because the build wasn't so good; he gave up playing priest and made the wizard his main char. A real life friend of Vivi's wanted to make a priest so Vivi decided to make a GC crusader named DeusExCaelum and was later renamed to Lord Steiner. Vivi's real life friend quit the game, but Vivi kept training the crusader in hopes to tank the wizard. In November, Lord Vivi joined sek-C before it broke for the first time. In December, him and angelstar fell in love and married December 20, 2005. Sometime after that Vivi became 99 and leveled the reborn sek-C guild for a bit before transcending and joining Cavae Ira for a little bit. When Travis decided to leave Cavae Ira and remake sek-C, Vivi happily followed. Soon after this, Steiner hits 99 and becomes a Heal/Battle Chant paladin.

Lord Vivi can now be seen usually in front of east Prontera inn with his wife. He can also be seen leveling with his wife in Juperos, or triple clienting his wife and the paladin. Occasionally he will go PVP with battle chant buffs. Lord Vivi will remain sek-C until the day the guild dies.

Guild History

Guardian Angels
Cavae Ira

Random Facts

Vivi has 2 Alchemists. Out of his generosity, he gave one to the guild.
Lord Vivi should not ever be confused for the sniper ViviKFF or he will kill you.
Vivi's real name is Huan and is 20 year old college student at the University of Texas (Go Longhorns!!!) majoring in Electrical Engineering (what a typical asian...).
If anyone is curious about what happened to Vivi's former priest, Travis got it banned, don't ask how cause the answer even eludes Vivi and Travis to this day.

Other Chars

Lord Steiner - Heal/Battle Chant Paladin
Mercator - Battle brewer Alchemist
Aha! - Pure battle Alchemist

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