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Legio Auster is a guild that was founded in November of 2005 by a young Knight named Kael. The original five members- not counting the guildmaster himself- all fell inactive by the following January.

Still, Kael persevered, calling upon a good friend of his by the name of Flynt. Together, they began to rebuild the guild from the ground up, and it wasn't long before they had built a small group. Not long after they reached the first member cap, they achieved their first guild level. Now, the guild is going strong, and with the help of it's members- considered more family than friends- will continue to do so. On August 5, 2006, Legio Auster had it's strongest WoE presence yet, holding a castle for roughly five minutes with only three members in the Emperium Room. Areanis Rosencraft takes the credit for breaking that castle.

Legio Auster is always recruiting friendly, dedicated members of any class and level. They consider themselves "WoE-light", in that no members are required to attend WoE, though many do.

Members of Note

Daedalin, Current Guildmaster
Areanis Rosencraft, Co-Guildmaster
Flynt, Co-Guildmaster
Jade Cross, Revival Member
~JC~(FS), Revival Member, Guild Webmaster
Iron Chef, Revival Member, Guild Cook
Ryohei, Revival Member
Stice, Revival Member
Frieya, Revival Member
Aonach, Evo-RO Revival Member, Resident Cynic


The Smoke Shack
Legio Draconalis

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