Kingdom of Heaven

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A Guild lead by Busta, and founded by Mysterious K, -FriedRice-, Inspektah Deck, Ignis, Elz54, and *shinn*. It was formed during Christmas 2005 after it's predescesor, Saints_of_God, ceased to exist. The name was suggested by -FriedRice- which was also in part inspired by the movie of the same name. The schism formed when -FriedRice- decided to form the now defunct Kingdom_Hearts guild. With half of the original members leaving, this incident damaged the guild which formed a tapestry of deceit amoung guildsmen. The guild is known for it's strict active policy, where members are kicked from the guild if they are inactive (without warning of absence) for several days. Lately, a heated rivalry with BlackListed has added infamy to the guild's name with guildsmen, Busta and Ignis leading on the forefront of this situation.

The guild merged with Imperial Army on July 29, 2006

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