John Locke

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Leader of the Black Rose Order. Has his fair share of enemies but also has friends who revere him highly. Whitesmith.

John Locke first joined Power as a hunter (NoCandy4U) to help lead and organize Genius' newly formed guild. He eventually left Power alongside other Power guildsmen as a result of disapproval, disagreement, and conflicts with Genius' leadership and strategic decisions (or described by some as lack of) to create Black Rose Order guild (also known as BRO) in 5th October 2005 just a few minutes after that day's WoE ended.

His strong sense of leadership and seriousness at WoE won much respect among BRO guildmates and older Power guildmembers.

He is also well-known for being the first person in using the "Gay Alliance" term in public. It's hard to tell who was the person who first came up with the "Gay Alliance" term, but it's usage can be attributed to some people at Power.

In RO, he is currently married to Serenade.

Real Life

Living place: Canary Islands.
Age: 22.

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