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Originally a vit offensive battle alchemist, Iretha has recently re-created her alchemist as an agi PvM alchemist under the direction of Nuriko in order to level more quickly. She is the author of Alchemically Yours, the sprite comic, and wife of Vodalin. Iretha is proud to be a founding member of the Guilty Gears guild. She is best-known for the Novonculus and for being notoriously slow to level, due to the expense of potions and her lack of talent at marketing items. She has an in-game older brother named Sinthe, who looks out for her.

Iretha is also known for her pre-eAthena "Don't Kill an Alchemist's Plants" campaign, which was widely supported by the EuphRO community until eAthena made plant-killing impossible.

The Player

Iretha's player is an 18 year old first-year-college (undeclared major) student. She was recently an honors graduate from High School, and is quite relieved to never have to attend High School again. An aspiring comic artist, Iretha began Alchemically Yours as a fun way of both building skills at webcomic creation, and creating her very own comic. Rumor has it that she's not confident enough yet with her drawing skills to create a hand-drawn comic.

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