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Bard that likes to wear a chef hat, elven ears, and a grandpa beard. Despite his chef hat, he is actually unsuccessful at cooking. He was the guild leader of Prontera Army. One day, after 17 hours of double strafing Stings, this little bard became a clown. This is suited to him better than a bard because rumor has it he can't actually sing very well, and would rather amuse others.

At one point, he thought he was homosexual. This prompted the Brokeback Mjolnir saga. Which wasn't acutally a saga, it was just screaming in an IRC chat and Lagwolf being an opportunist. image of the love

Eventually, Iggy gave guild leadership to Aeowyn and joined Aeterna. Something about that sucked, so he gave up on them. He was temporarily using his Frost Joke services for aiding random guilds during War of Emperium, but eventually joined New Aeon. He succeeded in bringing with him a few choice h0s, mainly Allucinari and that crazy 99 high wizard that enjoys saying the word 'fuck' [cl_andrew?].

Igtenos tries to be a pimp, but his pimping skills are about as good as his cooking skills. Fortunately, Allu and Aeo are loving "ho's" and take good care of him anyhow.

The actual person behind Igtenos is a cute ickle Asian named Gordon. He lives in the Vancouver area, because that's apparently what asians do. He also possesses a creator, named Tissue.

Is a fan of the Tales series by Namco.

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