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Hyvent History

HyVent is a guild that originally branched off of Hijos, but HyVent is very different from there Hijo roots. Hyvent was created and is lead by OutlawBunnie and is co lead by wakky. Hyvent is a guild that seemed to gain power and influential members fairly quickly along with the Hijo members that followed Outlaw. Within 2 woes after being formed HyVent was able take and hold its first castle. After less then 4 woes Hyvent established a very stable 4 way alliance that still stands to this day between LoveBeat, Imperials, and Hijos. Hyvent has only become stronger with time, and the future still looks bright for this wonderful guild.

The Birth of "Jacket up!"

There Brilliantly genius member Maju originally came up with their battle chant "Jacket up!" which every member screams at the top of there lungs with great passion and pride anytime they are breaking a precast, or just simply pwnzing noobs in pvp. Some people dont understand what "jacket up" means. To put it simply, it is just a play of words on the fact HyVent is the name of a jacket company, because when spoken it sounds like "jack it up".

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