From Euphro

I guess it all started at Stefan's (Trailbreaker) house in August 2004, he showed me a game called Gunbound. He and his brother (LocketheSin in MS) were kinda hooked, and at first I wasn't interested. But yeah, after a few days I decided to play and.. uh.. we kinda played a lot.

At this point, I really wanted to get a guild going. That was my primary goal, to lead a guild of friends. Not to have powerful people, but mature and nice people. The guild was called Palt because I was hungry, just like when I came up with uberbacon. Palt is a Swedish dish made of pig's blood. If you boil paltbread with white sauce it's splendid with butter and bacon ^^

At Gunbound, our guild grew and became a little bit famous, so did I. We had a lot of fun together, played in 2v2 leagues and such. Having our own God, the wooden JD (amen) and our slogan: Hijo de avartar! It was a mix of two Spanish related things. Hijo de puta, a common phrase on GB which means son of a bitch in Spanish. Also they said avartar instead of avatar soooo, there we go!

I eventually became admin of GBGL, winner of their leagues, won hall of fame, made 3 big GB websites became a GM helper and quit the game. Yep, Gunbound Thor's Hammer changed into "World Champion" and it sucked. Hard.

I quit Gunbound, but at this time I really got a taste for Korean online gaming. Since it was the beginning of June and I just graduated and didn't plan to work, I wanted to start with a mmorpg. A very good friend of mine, Rafael Nars (officially the best GB player in Brazil!), suggested EuphRO so we got going! Since I had a lot of friends on GB who shared my ideas, it was natural that many followed. But seeing how all weren't from Palt I decided to name the guild Hijos which means sons. We didn't expect to recruit any girls anyways.

And that's how the guild was created! Onyx, Locke and Trailbreaker were in Palt. Slickard, Allen, Raekwon, Godaime and many more came along during the early days of Hijos. We grew and became the #1 guild on EuphRO, and really had a lot of fun. When I quit in February (2006) the self-proclaimed successor Raekwon wanted the throne. Although I'm sure we all see him as the jester of Hijos.

About the guild colors yellow and blue.. Since the guild originates from Sweden (our flag is yellow/blue) and I'm colorblind so I hate all other colors, it's natural that they are our guild colors.

And all this great stuff is thanks to my friends! The friends who today form Hijos, the gaming community. Guild Slogan: "HIJOS ARE THE BEST" was changed to "HIJOS ARE THE BREAST" by a random Orange colored rogue. (with love)

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