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Famous Stalker and well known for his humor on EuphRO Forums. He is one of the many old-school Euphoric Ragnarok Online players. He was a member of Legend and Boobie when he was a 7x-8x Rogue but remained guildless for a long time afterwards. Hagen is well-known for his guild project, Nihil, a successful WoE guild based on non-traditional WoE guild ideas. He quit EuphRO on June 11, 2006 but retuned in less than an year after solving certain problems in game. He made the WOE topics interesting with his Bot-C/Sek-C guild bashing involving a matter dealing with SimplyOwned. In one case, he tried to apply to the guild with a picture of a toy robot implying their hidden agenda of accepting third-party software using members.

One of the mysteries about Hagen is the origin of his name. It is a common misbelief that his name is based on the Hagen-Daaz ice cream. Ice cream lovers will be disappointed but literary fans will be pleased to learn that his name is based on writer Mark Rein-Hagen. However, the pun "HAGEN DIES D:" is often used when he visits the Biolabs.

Guild History

Black Rose Order

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