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The official womanizer of Euphro. Joined the server around the Summer of 05 after being introduced to the server by RyuSoma and Psychic. Also the CameraMan of EuphRO =D

The Characters

Originally started with the intent of becoming a Knight. His first Knight build was hybrid but after leveling to 65, lost interest since he entered some skills too early that wouldn't improve the rate of leveling. His next character would be a Hunter. He joined his first guild, LoveBeat, with his Hunter. His participation in LoveBeat wasn't much and was eventually kicked out due to inactivity. During the development of his Hunter, either before or after, Fenro created a vitality knight. The vitality knight was created in response to DrunkenStriker's leveling speed when he was in LoveBeat, ended up in the Sheleska guild in its last few weeks of activity and would no longer be leveled past 75
Serious Settlement in a Guild
With the quitting of the Sheleska guild, Fenro began looking for a new one to join. Going through the recruitment thread, many guilds had requirements too high or requirements that wouldn't match with any of the characters he owned. Some of the guilds he had considered entering were Hijos and Virtual Reality. One guild's recruitment topic caught his eye, that guild went by the name of Cavae Ira. Fenro met in-game with its leader, a level 75 Knight with his level 70 vitality knight. Cavae Ira's leader preferred Fenro to raise a Wizard rather than playing as a Knight for WoE that the guild would be getting involved with in the future.
The New Path
Fenro then created a mage named FenroKaiderX, a name he had made-up for his wizard on his first private server back in 2003. Fenro didn't have much experience as a mage and didn't have much enthusiasm for the job class until friends had recommended him to try leveling at the "Clock Room" at the Clocktower in Aldebaran. It would be here that Fenro's interest in the mage class would grow as he taught himself the vertical firewall technique after observing the many other mage class players who had already learned the method. The Clock Room was a place where Fenro would see some of the top wizards on the server at the time. A hunter by the name of LoseSniper appeared at the Clock Room one day. Seeing as Fenro was unaware of the history of the Lose guild, Fenro just found the player as a "high-leveled person who could level somewhere better but just wants to hog the Clock room". After a server problem, Euphorian, owner of the server raised the rates to 6/6/3 for a certain time. Fenro, after seeing and learning so many people dual-cliented at Clock room, wanted to take advantage of the ability to do so and decided to create an agility knight that he would raise by leeching off his mage. Starting a swordsman using a wind katana forged by Cavae Ira's guild leader from a few days ago, reached sharing range of his mage. After a tedious time leeching the swordsman to job level 50, Fenro made the swordsman into a knight. Fenro's motivation in leveling the agility knight would stop at 71 and it never entered a guild.
Experiencing Wizard
Fenro finally became a wizard but he had made the transition when his mage was either at job level 40 or 41. From his 70s to 80s, Fenro leveled at Penomenas. Fenro was astonished at the ease of leveling on them with a priest using pneumna so he would be able to kill one off with waterball. Cavae Ira finally became involved with the War of Emperium and had taken over a Payon castle. At the time, monster skills hardly activated, if at all, making the Payon guild dungeon one of Fenro's favorite places to level at. Fenro would mostly kill Skeleton Generals seeing as they were easiest to kill out of the other monsters in the guild dungeon. As a result of killing so many Skeleton Generals, Fenro acquired enough Burnt Wood that would allow him to be the first on the server to create a Spore Hat.
Second Thoughts
As Fenro began leveling higher, he looked into more information about wizards and found he didn't have the greatest of skill builds at the time (SP Recovery 10, Soul Strike 10, Lord of Vermillion and Meteor Storm at level 5). Seeing how easy it was to level at Payon guild dungeon, Fenro stopped leveling at level 81 and created a new mage, this time changing it into a wizard at base level 70, job level 50. This new wizard was scrapped at level 77 as Fenro decided Due to the "kindness" (or patience or finally giving in to nagging, whatever you want to call it) of his guildleader, Fenro made use of a teleport and a heal clip. These two clips helped Fenro to want to level again. Fenro made use of the clips at Glast Heim's Prison where he leveled from 86-89. Fenro found Glast Heim Prison to be slower as he reached into the 90s and went around finding new places to level at. Fenro had found killing multiple Alarms at a time to be a much faster way of leveling compared to Glast Heim Prison. Around level 95, Fenro had befriended a player known as Somi. Thanks to Somi, Fenro reached level 97 by leveling with her at High Orcs in Clocktower under shared exp.

Guild History

Cavae Ira

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