From Euphro

A family of Vietnamese-Canadians decide to join EuphRO after a few of the members had been playing iRO Sakray for awhile. To parody emo people, the cousins decided to affix a [emo] prefix to their names. These [emo]'s were some of the fastest levelers and were also a force to be reckoned with in pvp. The [emo]'s were in full force during the time of Cavae Ira but many have stopped playing and the few [emo]'s left are currently in sek-C.

Do NOT forget, that they were also the lamest group of people ever seen on euphro. As one of not so many groups, they abused the "Mental Sensing" skill bug to the limits. Thats how they got 99 that fast. Sorry, but they are just lame noobs who found a bug and decided to abuse it :)

About PVP, they never went to pvp alone, and if they actually were there, it was 2 people minimum, priest + some other class, they killed 2-3 people and left pvp. Lame.

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