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In-game background

Eljpe's main is an 8x katar-sin called -=eljpe=- and can be seen chatting on @main. He uses a female sprite on his main character just because the katar swings sound better with females than males. This character is a member of the Crimson Skies guild.

He also has merchants, namely =-eljpe-= and eljpe-merchie which he uses as vend slaves.

Eljpe likes helping fellow players and has currently helped 10 players.

His handle in the forums is eljpeman.

Brief real life info

Eljpe is a twenty year old male hailing from the Philippines in real life. He is a third year college student enrolled under the course BS Management of Applied Chemistry.

you can call him LJ in-game if you find typing eljpe too tedious.

RO history

Eljpe started playing Ragnarok online mid-2003 on pRO, the official server in the Philippines. He made 2 hunters in the two years he played on-and-off before calling it quits.

Eljpe has played in two private servers since then. The first one is already long gone and the second in euphRO.

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