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Eden is EuphRO's second server. A low rate server, Eden was started near Christmas 2005 and, following issues with low server populations and almost negligible growth, was almost closed twice by GM-Euphorian by the end of June 2006. The reason for these proposed actions was the unpopularity of Eden and the inability to properly sustain Eden [financially]. This however has now changed. Unlike Alpha, which still holds the bulk of the EuphRO population, Eden was slow to gain popularity, mostly because of problems with eAthena and minor bugs, as well as lack of thorough GM support due to its small size. Recently, its popularity has been growing thanks to the efforts of loyal players and also the dedicated GMs who monitor Eden. Eden has a 'wonderful, active and friendly community... ever welcoming of new players', qualities attributed to its small but close-knit population. In July 2006, it was announced that EdenRO would split into its own server, run by GM-Belle, and slowly severing ties to EuphRO as the server gets its start.

Eden is moderated by GM-Belle and GM-AssiuM. War of Emperium is held Saturday and Sundays at 1300-1500 server time.


1/1/1 - Making the game as 'official' as possible. Many claim Eden as the 'authentic Ragnarok Online experience'. They also enjoy the greater sense of self-achievement gained from levelling their characters under these conditions.


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