From Euphro

Originally based on Echizen from Prince of Tennis, who is ambidextrous (able to use both hands equally) and started out as a daggersin.

  • First pure daggersin to hit 99. Currently a level 95 pure Soul Destroyer Assassin Cross.
  • Fights in the art of dual daggers/swords.
  • Thinks WoE is retarded.
  • EuphRO's Most Wanted in PVP.
  • Married to the Sniper Harliquin.
  • Gambles every last bit of zeny he has, and wonders why he's still poor.
  • Proud member of @main, and the @main addicts guild.
  • Also the owner of Echi (pure spirit monk) and Poor Guy (ranked forger).
  • Watches anime too much. His favorite anime by far is Shuffle!
  • Echizen also denies the fact that he is, in fact, dyed Pink.
  • Echizen dislikes "Elitists".

Echizen has returned. Yay.

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