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Daedalin is the author of EuphRO's only guide to Battlesages, which is assumed to be a large factor in the sudden increase of Battlesages on the server. Also, he is the Guildmaster of Legio Auster.


Alpha: Daedalin the Battlesage, Kael the Agility Knight, Ikarin the Backstab/Divest Rogue, Phelan the Dagger Assassin

Guild History

Reminiscence, as Daedalin's previous incarnation, an archer
Priory of Sion, as Kael
Legio Auster, as both Kael- the founding Guildmaster- and Daedalin- the one trying to get up 5mil for the guild leader switch ^^;;;

The Player

Daedalin- his real name is Paul, but shh, that's a secret!- is a 17 year old self proclaimed geek from brain-boilingly hot Temescal Valley, California- I dare you to find it on a map!. Outside of Ragnarok, he draws, writes, plays videogames, roleplays, cosplays, and paints Warhammer 40k models.

He recently graduated from High School, and is attending community college in the fall of 2006 to pursue a degree in Graphics Technology.

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