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Crydic is a ridiculously awesome Sniper who is known for her Crydicness. She claims to be the "Worst Sniper Ever", but that only seems to be her opinion. She also plays a priest, alchemist, and assassin. She is also the proud owner of her very own Kitty Cat.

One of Crydic's trademark habits is to purposely try to be "mean" to someone and then shower them with gifts. Once she gives the gifts, she also claims to forget ever giving them.

Crydic also speaks her own language (dubbed "Crydish" by Endless Sky). While it is very similar to English, it has distinct differences; i.e. the word "mean" in Crydish loosely translates to the English word "nice".

Crydic is currently a member of the guild A Misty Night, and is revered by the other members for her sheer awesomeness.

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