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Chopin is a FS priestess. She is always looking for share parties.
She is married to Paint.

Chopin is the main character of the person behind it, but as well as this, she has a LOT of other characters. She even founded a guild, so all her semi-active chars can be in one, without being chucked out every few weeks.

Guild History
(founder of Inactives with her novice Inactive)

Chopin (main) - FS priestess
Vicki - Rogue
Snogard - Merchant
Staubfinger - Swordman
Canvas - Thief
Crestamio - Hunter
Rhett Buttler - Thief
Lychee - Crusader
Kamelancer - Swordman
Gwin - Hunter
Nightflyer - Acolyte
Hippo Inc. - Merchant
Inactive - Novice

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