Cavae Ira

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No longer an active guild in the server. Its members have split up and gone on their own paths.
Lucis, Atra, JSJC, Jordan, FenroKaiderX, Luna, BlueNote, Sung, Magix, Bret, Maju, Istanbul, Clooud, Sniperbeans, hotbeans, sweetbeans, ~Marijuana~, Kayu, Tictacz, NoobSaibot, Deniev, Cyxo, Aera, Chrnos, Devils Path, RyuSoma, Timiny, Imba, Detlef, SlyBoots, JustBS, ,Breeze~, Higashi Mai, Chibi-Chi, ToTheMaxx, Minhie, Travis, SimplyOwned, SimplyBlessed, Dead_Inside, Kiro, summonah, Spiff, EnyaAthleas, Nikko Okkin, Sokudan
Involved in an alliance between ViewSonic, Unlimited, LoveBeat, Cavae Ira.
Cavae 1st Generation (Creation of Guild Summer 05 - Fall 05)
Lucis, Atra, FenroKaiderX, Jordan, JSJC, BlueNote, Bret, Kiro made up this group.
Cavae 2nd Generation (Fall 05 - Winter 05)
Magix made up this group.
Cavae 3rd Generation (Winter 05 - Spring 06)
The Vietnamese of Cavae Ira. Started the [emo] tag trend to the server by having it at the beginning of their character names. The tag originated from a dispute with Lagwolf. The [emos] were also very active participants of PVP, attracting negative feelings towards the guild. Many people took the [emos] too seriously. Tacticz, Kayu, Rai, Yazu made up this group.
The Belgians of Cavae Ira. Deniev, Cyxo, summonah, Magicana made up this group.
The beans ran a guild called cowellbeans, hence the reason why they're nicknamed as beans. Before joining Cavae, members from both guilds had met in-game before. Clooud, sweetbeans, hotbeans, sniperbeans made up this group.
The Kerberus originated from Guardian Angels. Aeru, Devils Path, Chrnos, Dead_Inside made up this group.
Naughty by Nature
Imba, Nijo made up this group.

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