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Black Rose Order (BRO) created on October 5, 2005 by initiative of John Locke (now a Whitesmith) and S e r e n a d e (now a High Wizard). Both were former Power guildmembers.

The guild's name was inspired from John's experiences on other servers and the guild's icon creation is attributed to a friend of John's.

John Locke has been BRO's guild leader since it's creation and S e r e n a d e's serves as co-leader.

Original Members

Chriz (who left after guild creation)
John Locke
Greizy (who didnt join at begginning but encouraged/helped/participated on the creation

WoE History

BRO's first WoEs took place in Payon against relatively older and bigger guilds with the help of it first allies, Cavae Ira and Power. Subsequent allies were Love Beat, Unlimited, Council of God, The Smoke Shack, Valhalla, ViewSonic, Antagonists, Nihil and Sapientes Gladios. Currently, it is allied with Last Wish.

Black Rose Order and Power merged after the latter's guildmaster, Genius, lost his desire to keep playing on EuphRO. After the merge, Genius stayed in Power for a month or so before leaving. Power disppeared but has recently remerged with the return of Genius.

The merge was a gateway for new and higher goals. Black Rose Order was able to take Squagul and make it its official home until Cavae Ira broke alliance with Black Rose Order. This action triggered the "Squagul's Battles" which lasted a month.

Squagul's Battles are considered by many as the most intense and costly WoEs in Euphro's history as well as funny and dramatic. Those WoEs were fought with the aid of Sapientes Gladios (and some unexpected Aeterna help) against VULC alliance (ViewSonic, Unlimited, LoveBeat and Cavae Ira). (VULC was the second most powerful alliance at that time.) After a couple of Squagul takeovers by VULC, Black Rose Order managed to reclaim Squagul but dropped it before next WoE.

This ended "Squagul's Battles" and may have been Black Rose Order's finest and highest moment. After this event, Black Rose Order guildsmen were all around tired and left in low morale although they won by a slight margin in the last stage of those WoEs.

Later on, Black Rose Order's WoE tactics consisted of randoming castles and keeping one at WoE's end.

Black Rose Order's most memorable participation at WoE was being a main organizer of the second and most coordinated attack seen in WoE (April 29, 2006): taking over Hoh which was held by the most powerful and active guild in Euphro - Enchanters. New Aeon, Night Patrol, Antagonists, Plox, Sapientes Gladios, ViewSonic, Ten No Ryu, and Black Rose Order fought against RAWR, Insurrection, and Enchanters. The battle was intense but the opposing guilds were victorious and Hoh was dropped before next WoE.

New Aeon, Night Patrol, Antagonists, Plox, Sapientes Gladios, ViewSonic, Ten No Ryu, and Black Rose Order tried their luck at Byi (held by Insurrection) at the next WoE. However, RIDE's full force was too much of a challenge for the attacking guilds and RIDE remained vitorious that day.

Both attacks were not initiated by John Locke as most people believe, but by other Black Rose Order guildsmen.

After that, Black Rose Order returned to its old habits before those WoEs.

Around June 4, 2006, Black Rose Order recovered its will and confidence to start building up a strong and high economy at Berigel.

At June 30, 2006, Bergiel was lost after massive attack of combined force of Enchanters , Rawr , Midnight.Whole attack was organised by Holyto who felt touched by himself and decided to organise attack able to destroy Bergiel to 0 invest.

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