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Image:Br_man.gif "BR?" is a complete bi-syllabical inquisitive phrase typically used by Brasilian players who do not speak English in order to find other Brasilian players with which to interact. The use of this phrase is quite simple; the searching Brasilian player will walk up to another player and simply ask, "BR?". Responses vary accordingly, although the standard affirmative response eludes researchers. It is immagined to be something along the lines of: "BR!". Others theorize a more graphic standard: "Filho de puta, fala merda!"

Another standard that is yet to be identified is that of the qualities that a Brasilian player looks for in another player before approaching him or her with the question. Some players do, in fact, add the tag "_BR" to the end of their in-game names to declare themselves "BR", but many players seem to pay this little mind when choosing which players to question. Whether there truly are guidelines that Brasilian players keep a lookout for, or whether the selection is completely random, remains one of EuphRO's greatest mysteries.

Other Uses

English-speaking players sometimes use the question to avoid other English-speaking players, particularly those reffered to as "n00bs". A typical use of the phrase in such a tactic would come after the "n00b"'s attempt to conversation with the escaping English-speaking player, leading the escaping player to try to pass of as a Brazilian player in order to avoid the "n00b".


The combination of the two letters (typically capitalized but not necessarily so) without the question mark is a noun that refers to a single Brasilian player. The pural of this noun, according to English-speaking players, is BRs. The Portuguese equivalent, which has yet to be reported, is theorized to be different.

Example: "Yeah, a group of BRs owned me in Battle Dome."

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