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Note: This wiki article wasn't made for bragging or extending my ego, it can also be seen as a little guide to Wizards

Auror, is a High Wizard on the private Ragnarok Online server named EuphRO. The character was created around July 2005 and currently levels slow, due to laziness of the player.

Auror sitting on the floor of the city of Aldebaran.


Auror was the first character to be created by an anonymous player, who just started out on Euphro. Starting out just for fun, the player got addicted to the game fast. Eventually the character became inactive, and the player created a novice under the name of "St. Auror", who became a priest with an awkward build later on (the priest was deleted not much later from the job change).


The character currently resides in the guild of Xenocide and is a member for more than half a year. The character is capable of inviting/expelling members. If any player wants to join the guild, Auror is one of those who can be contacted.


These are the main equips that the character always carries:

  • Headgear: Black Cat Ears / Apple O' Archer / Drooping Cat
  • Body: +5 Silk Robe of the Stix (Loli Ruri card)
  • Rod: +7 Quadruple Dexterous Rod
  • Shield: +4 Fireproof Guard (Penomena card)
  • Garment: Ragamuffin Manteau
  • Shoes: +7 Soul-Enchanted Shoes (Sohee card)
  • Accessory: Nimble Clip (Zerom card) / Clip Under a Cast (Phen card) / Healing Clip (Vitata card) / Teleport Clip (Creamy card) / Hiding Clip (Smokie card)

Leveling Spots

Auror currently levels at:

  • Clock Tower F3: (c_tower03) - Alarms, Ridewords, Mimics


(Note: This is only for those who are INTERESTED, or need a Wizard build, if not, then you shouldn't PM me about it...)
Auror's build consists of several must-have Wizard skills, and was made using a skill builder.
Part of the current skills are displayed here:

Mage Build

  • Firebolt 10
  • Fireball 5
  • Sight 1
  • Firewall 10
  • Cold Bolt 5
  • Frost Diver 1
  • Stone Curse 10
  • Lightning Bolt 4
  • Thunder Storm 1
  • Increase SP Recovery 1
  • Napalm Beat 1

Wizard Build

  • Storm Gust 10
  • Jupiter Thunder 10

(This is a PVM/PVP build, I leave the rest of the build to yourself, so you can use your creativity, instead of plain copying ^^)

Other Characters

All the Characters which I ever in Alpha had are listed here:

  • Auror - High Wizard (Active)
  • BBQsauce - Mage (Inactive)
  • Tarquin - Merchant (Inactive)
  • Auroro - Hunter (Deleted)
  • St. Auror - Priest (Deleted)

All Eden Characters:

  • Fiery_Strike - Acolyte (Inactive)
  • Auror - Mage (Inactive)
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