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A Priest who was the guild master of Caelestis, and subsequently Concordia and Legends.

A review of the server by Articulus

Part One: Dead Branch Parties

A friend of mine who went by the name Kiou, now Ansatsu, got me started on these "dead branch parties" not too long after I joined Concordia. She told me that we were going to spawn them on the innocent novices of Archer Village. At the time, I thought it was a good idea. Just to mess around with them, because we would always ressurrect them. It started off slow. Only four or five of us but less than a week later, the entire Concordia guild wanted in on it. We all hunted for about thirty minutes to an hour in Elder Willow Forest, one south east, one east, of Payon, for the dead branches. We ended up with fifty or so of them. Everyone gave their dead branches to me, since I was the "party host" and I cracked them at their word. Shortly after I did that, a guildmate, bboi, wanted to crack some as well. So, I gave him some. On one of his first cracks, he spawned Dracula, MvP. Now I do not know if you know or not, but if you spawn dead branches, they are NOT up for grabs unless they are a MvP. All else would be considered kill stealing since it was for our entertainment. We had novices, swordsmen, archers, and most first classes, trying to attack the monsters we had spawned. One of them even reported Arkane for saying they were kill stealing, but the truth is, they were.

When Dracula was spawned by bboi, he (Dracula) was fair game for anyone to attempt to attack. Arkane did not say anything about people trying to attack Dracula, because he knew it was fair game. A lot of people were killed because of Dracula and because he kept teleporting, it made it hard for us to keep an eye on him. Finally, after trying for ten minutes at least to get him under control, we kept him in the open spot of Archer village, right before the entrance to Payon cave. With one attack after being respawned, Dracula was dead. Of course, we got in trouble for spawning dead branches on novice training grounds, but we brought them back and kept them healed. I know you are wondering who got MvP on Dracula, because, as I did not mention, from killing so many people, it gained to level 99. As I figured, Arkane would get MvP since he was tanking it, but that was not the case. One Double Strafe from me killed it and I got MvP...anyway, back to the story.

Since we got in trouble for spawning in Archer Village, we decided to go elsewhere with our "parties" after that. The next party we had was on Bib island. Away from a lot of people and we couldn't get in trouble for it. This party there were two MvPs spawned, Mistress and Amon Ra. Not that big of a deal.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is, if people think Concordia or any other guild is evil for spawning dead branches on novices, they may be right. Just, people have suggested that dead branches be removed from the game because of such purposes but that would be taking away a drop from several monsters. Not going to happen. If people save up their dead branches to have parties, then let them. There is nothing against it in the rules that prohibits the use of mass dead branches at a single time. As to where, well, they may make a new rule saying that it has to be away from Novice training grounds, but until then, they only ask you to do it elsewhere. So, do it elsewhere, unless you wish to get in trouble.

Part Two: MvP

Once Arkane reached level 99, he decided he was not going to rebirth until after War of Emperium. So, the guild, bboi, Articulus and Arkane, decided to go MvP hunt. People were complaining that there were no MvPs to be found because they had all be killed off. Get over it. MvPs are free game. Anyone who wants to attempt to kill one, can do so. There is no calling of MvPs, like "You can't touch Drake! He's mine!" before you even get to Sunken Ship. Make sense? If the MvP thing is a big problem, just wait an hour or so for it to respawn. It's not like they are going to go out of stock or something. There are always MvPs around. Always. One of the most commonly ones killed is Garm. Following him would be Eddga and/or Missy. This may be wrong, but that is what I have noticed. I've also noticed that Orc Hero doesn't seem to be killed as often, but who am I to say?

I know that once I reached a decent level, I started going MvP hunting with bboi, from Concordia. We went after Eddga first, but he was already dead, so we went after Orc Hero. After dying a couple times, we killed it then went back for Eddga. People can say we were "hogging" the MvPs but we weren't. Once you reach a certain level, MvPs are your only form of EXP, or so it seems. So, if you are looking for any MvP or whatever and cannot find it, don't go blaming anyone. Just wait for it to respawn!

Part Three: Guilds

Guilds are "homes away from home" so to speak. It's a group of people, friends, coming together and getting to know each other. Together they grow stronger and evolve with time. People have taken into classifying certain groups of guilds under names. Alliances and The Empire. From what I've heard, the Alliances are: Concordia, The Red Moon, Insurrection, Sheleska, Zenkai, and a few more. The Empire is: Enchanters, Enchanters International, Lose, Scarlet Empire and more. What's the point of this? I have no idea. It's not like the guilds hate each other. They just battle it out during War of Emperium, for castles and the treasures that are dropped. Each guild works hard to get what they want but they have to work even harder to keep it. There are so many guilds on EuphRO that I cannot even name them all. I can tell you that most of the action falls between battles of the "Alliances" and the "Empire".

Part Four: Guild Wars

Guild Wars, also known as War of Emperium, are wars fought for castles. Each castle has different drops. Certain castles are wanted more than others, but it does not matter. The guild holding the castle has the option to abandon it or to defend it. This is the only time in the game that there are enemies. Every other time, you will find members of opposite guilds talking to each other and so on. War of Emperium is, in a way, an event of Player versus Player. Only thing different about it is that there are guardians and you want to get to the Emperium room. It's pointless to try to argue that "Enchanters" always want to get "Concordia" in trouble for something they didn't do or whatever. That's not how the game is played. This game is about free time. And, well, respect for other players. You can bitch at me, voice your opinion, do whatever, but the way I see it is like this: If you have so much time that this game has become your life, and you start referring to your every day life as a game, then you need to step away and look at yourself. I'm not going to name off names, but I know a few people who this could apply to. If you constantly talk about this game in real life, then you need a break. Like it or not, it is just a game.

Alright, so there you have it. My opinion on a lot of things that most people complain about. The only thing I really care about is that people "blame" me for the Dead Branch parties outside Payon Cave....but as they say "that's the way the cookie crumbles" and there is nothing I can do about.

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