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Joining EuphRO back in June 2005, Anastazja first played a vit spear knight (who was a member of the guild Crimson_Knights). After changing her main to the FS priestess Ilianna, she became a member of Guilty Gears. During her time playing the priestess, she successfully transcended it to High Priestess before switching mains once more. Currently, her main is Anastazja the wizard. Still a memeber of Guilty Gears, she is now the 2nd leader, after Lord Damyan of course. She is now happily married to Sinthe. Anastazja is also good friends with the priestess Livre.

Notable Past Characters

Iwona (vit spear Knight)
Ilianna (FS High Priestess)
Konstancja (Support/Endow Sage)
Anastazja (Wizard / Current main)

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