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Alpha was the first and original server for EuphRO. It has a very large, diverse, and bustling community, in which it is easy to meet and communicate with a wide variety of fellow players. Wars of Emperium on Alpha tend to be large-scale and intense. An abundance of helpful players makes it easy for a well-mannered newbie to get the help that he or she needs. On the flipside, however, Alpha's community is not nearly as close-knit as that of Eden, and bitter guild rivalries, combined with differences between individual players and the occasional rule-breaking scandal, cause some struggle within the community.


3/3/2 - Rates are low to keep things interesting but high enough to also keep the game relatively fast paced. Many alpha players, who prefer the Alpha rates over Eden's, argue that Alpha's rates are low enough to keep the game interesting and promote a sense of accomplishment, yet not so low that the game simply becomes tedious.

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