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The Sage

Allucinari, commonly called Allu, is the sexiest green battle sage EuphRO has ever seen.(Naturally, after Sirius; but he doesnt count, he is so sexy that some question if he is human) Originally a member of RAWR, she later withdrew from the guild and is currently a wanderer, serving time in New Aeon (because she likes the crazy Belarussians). She has been through 5 individual weddings with 3 different husbands and 5 unique sprites, with 4 characters, and is currently divorced (we think, that last divorce was kind of dodgy).

Husband List

1) Major Tom

2) ZellKFF

3) Major Tom

4) EuphKFF (as a priest)

5) EuphKFF (as a high priest he traded for his clown)

Needless to say, Allu is a ho. She is typically found in Geffen, trying to sell herself for money along with fellow Geffen whore, Aeowyn. They are pimped by Igtenos, but he fails, hardcore.

As of June 20, 2006, Allucinari is at 92/50. Aiming for 99 by July 16th, but that's a lofty goal for her.

Also jiggles for &Navi.

The Actual Person

The person behind Allucinari is a 21 year old Ohioan named Alison. She hates the outside, favors Asian boys, and works in a library. She is hoping to become an English as a Second language teacher and work with small Asian children to prevent any further cases of Lingrish. She really loves proper grammar, *capitalisation*, and spelling.

  • please for the love of god, let's not have 'americangrish' i.e let's not use a 'z' where an 's' should be used.

Alison would like to point out that despite one's personal belief or disbelief in God, it is a capitalized word.  :( Bananasexx0r.

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