A Misty Night

From Euphro

A Misty Night is a small yet close-knit, and relatively new non-WoE guild, and is mainly friends-only. However, the guild very much welcomes new members, especially friendly and nice ones. Guild events are held every other Friday, and range from DB parties to tournaments, to user-created quests, all of which so far have been a great success.

There is no required level to join, however leveling up is promoted -- not for common gain, but for personal achievement. Members of the guild are always willing to give others a hand with their leveling. The guild was created by Endless Sky in late June, 2006.

After the untimely death of EuphRO (four hours before a guild event three weeks in planning was to finally be held), the guild was remade on EvoRO, but as most of its members had given up on RO altogether, it quickly fell apart. However, those of us who were part of A Misty Night will never forget all of the fun times we had, even in years to come.

Guild Members

Endless Sky - Guild Leader
Kitty Cat
Little Phedre

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